Medilan Ultra Pure Lanolin - OUT OF STOCK

Medilan Ultra Pure Lanolin - OUT OF STOCK

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Our Medilan Lanolin is now out of stock. If you are looking for pure high grade lanolin please see our alternative listing for Ultra Pure Lanolin on our website.

Lanolin is a great ingredient from the point of view of the skin.  It is one of the best moisturising agents around - indeed in my opinion it is the best.  It can make just about any product that is applied to the skin better at delivering a moisturising benefit.

The only drawback with it is that it does have a distinctive smell that not everyone finds attractive.  The biggest name in Lanolin production, Croda, has solved this problem with a purification process that removes most of the smell and some of the colour.  This ultra pure grade has for a long time only been available to the big players in the cosmetic industry.  Now for the first time I have been able to purchase it directly from Croda and make it available in smaller quantities.  Now at last you can try it for yourself.


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